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Mike's Feed Farm

Horse Feed



Products Available in Our Store


Horse Grains, Supplies & Bedding

Corn, Whole & Cracked Oats, Whole
Oats, Steamed Crimped   Dengie
Bran, Alfalfa Cubes & Pellets   Beet Pulp
Salt Blocks; White & TM (4 lb & 50 lb)   Flax Seed
Supplies Vitamins & Supplements not stocked available by order
Basic Barn & Stable Supplies   Wormers
Fly Sprays    
Pine Shavings   Hay

contact us if there is something you are looking for which is not listed.

Additionally Please click on the following link to Bradley Caldwell
to see what other products we can order for you.
Bradley Caldwell Web Site

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