4 Ways To Celebrate National Dog Day

4 Ways To Celebrate National Dog Day

This Wednesday is National Dog Day! Even though the little guys and gals might not know it, this day is all about them! So let’s make it special. Here are a few ways to celebrate (even if we’re a little limited in what we can do these days). 

Have A Puppy Party
Meet up with your other besties at Glen Rock Dog Park for a group celebration! Check out the Facebook event for more details. 

Visit Us For A Treat
Bring your furry friend(s) by Mike’s Feed Farm for a free pig’s ear treat! 

Grab a Pupuccino from Starbucks
Pull through the drive-thru and simply ask for a Pupuccino – a delicious blend of pet-safe whipped cream! Your little guy will go wild for this treat. 

Adopt a dog
What better way to celebrate a day of dogs than to give one its very own loving home! Check out our ultimate adoption center list here for organizations.