Mike’s Feed Farm is  family owned and has been feeding New Jersey’s best fed pets for over 30 years.  Our goal has always been to provide our customers with the best advice, information and products to keep their pets healthy and happy.  Our staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of pet care for your dog, cat, rabbit, chicken, horse, etc. We have a pet chiropractor, a dog behaviorist and pet nutritionist on staff to address any concerns you might have with your pets.  If you need a product we don’t carry we will do our best to order it for you.

  At Mike’s we also care for wildlife in your backyard with an amazing selection of wild bird feeders and bird houses as well as the best quality bird seed. If you don’t want squirrels eating your birdseed we carry an extensive line of squirrel-proof feeders.  If you want those furry creatures we also carry an assortment of squirrel food and feeders specifically for them.

 Things are always happening at Mike’s Feed Farm. We host horse and chicken seminars as well as many pet adoptions throughout the year. We work closely with local shelters and rescue groups to raise money and awareness and to find homes for homeless pets.

Whether you wish to feed the deer and birds in your back yard or give the dog who shares your home one of the newest chew toys on the market, be sure to stop by Mike’s Feed Farm for the largest selection and best service.  

Your leashed pets are always welcome as we consider them family.