Best Starter Livestock

Best Starter Livestock

If you are new to the idea of raising livestock, you might be considering what farm animals are best for you and your land. Each animal has unique needs and will require some research and patience to get started. Here are some animals that are great options for those who are just starting out. And once you pick out the right livestock for you, come into the store for your grooming and nutritional needs!


Rabbits cost very little to feed, and don’t take up much space. They do usually require hutches but they’re easy to build or purchase for a low price. Some choose to let their bunnies roam free-range or live in a colony setting but it’s up to you how you’d like to house them.

Rabbits’ gestation period is about one month. They produce 6+ in a litter.

They can be fed garden veggies, fodder, weeds, grass clippings, hay, and store-bought feed. Rabbits also produce some of the most amazing fertilizer so they’re great for your garden!

Pekin Ducks

Ducks are fun and friendly animals that get along great in a backyard or larger farm. Caring for them is quite easy and they are a great source for large eggs.

They also require very little space. Build them a small house and a kiddie pool to swim in and they will be very happy!

They tend to be great foragers and can be great helpers around the garden. They keep the bugs off of your healthy plants and feast on the weak ones.


Don’t let their reputation fool you, pigs are actually quite clean farm animals. If you have the ability to let them roam free-range, their smell won’t be an issue and your feeding expense will be a lot lower.

They eat compost, bread, fodder, corn, and other grains, or any other leftovers you can think of.

They require a pin with strong fencing as they are actually very strong and fast animals if they wanted to run away.

When pigs have babies their litters can often consist of as many as 11 piglets.