5 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Pet

5 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Pet


Happy Earth Day! Today is a great day to start implementing some sustainable practices for yourself and your pets. Check out some of the super easy – and fun – ways we’ve come up with to make your life with your best friend just a little more green!

Keep Your Lawn Pet-Friendly

We have a tendency to do whatever it takes to get rid of unwanted pests in our yards. This can be extremely harmful to any creatures who wander in to your yard, including your pets. Opt for more natural products, or consider raising animals, like chickens, that act in place of a pesticide.

Don’t Throw Away Blankets and Towels

It’s that time of year – spring cleaning! But, don’t jump to throw away your old towels or blankets. Instead, donate them to a shelter to be used for warmth and comfort.

Be Thoughtful In Choosing Your Doggie Bags

It’s tough to get around using so many plastic bags to pick up your dog’s waste. But, we can choose our bags with the Earth in mind by selecting biodegradable or recycled material bags, like the Earth Rated Dog Waste Bags.

Use Recycled Materials To Build Your Chicken Coop

Thinking about getting some backyard chickens? You’ll want a nice coop, which can get pricey. But opting for recycled materials can cut costs and your carbon footprint. Check out our guide for building a coop here!

Take Up Beekeeping

Bees are like magic for the Earth. It’s estimated that 30% of food crops and 90% of wild vegetation rely on honeybees for pollination. Read more about beekeeping here, and come into the store for help getting started!