Fall Activities To Do With Your Pet

Fall Activities To Do With Your Pet

It’s already September and the weather is definitely ready for fall! As the colder months approach us, here are some really fun ways to enjoy the season with your BFF. 

Head to a Farm 

Not all farms are pet-friendly, but some – like Alstede Farms and Ort Farms – welcome pets! Now you don’t have to leave your little guy (or big guy) at home for the family apple picking trip. 

Go Camping 

As the leaves change and the sun sets a little faster, camping is a great way to soak in the outdoors with your friends and family (furry or not!).

Movie Marathon

If your pet is less active and just likes to snuggle (maybe he purrs too), snuggle up on the couch for hours of your favorite spooky thrillers or cheesy holiday movies! 

Fall In Love With Your First Pet (or your second!)

Join us September 29 at the store for our annual Multi-Agency Pet Adoption Festival. This day is so much more than just an adoption event. Come meet the agencies, and enjoy food trucks, music, and free nail clippings!