How To Attract Birds in the Fall

How To Attract Birds in the Fall

The fall is one of the most beautiful times to watch for birds. They are easier to spot with fewer leaves on branches, and they are likely to come around more frequently with limited resources in the wild. 

Bird Feeder

One of the first things your yard needs if you’re trying to attract birds is a bird feeder. In the fall and winter, food is one of the most important things for birds. If you already have a feeder, give it a good cleaning for the new season. 

Bird Bath 

As it gets colder outside, water sources will begin to freeze. So, supplying water in your backyard is extremely important for birds. Make sure to check it periodically in case it freezes! 

Watch Your Pets 

Nothing will scare the birds away faster than an eager dog running through the yard. So, if you’re looking to see more birds in your backyard, take your pets to a park or use only a portion of the yard. 

Don’t Rake Your Leaves

I know, I know this is hard! But, this will provide your birds with tons of great nest material. 

Grab Suet

Suet will help the birds keep warm as the colder months come. Mike’s Feed Farm has a nice variety of suet for your birds.