How to Care For Your Horse in the Fall

How to Care For Your Horse in the Fall

The fall is coming, which means it’s time to update and check on your horse’s health and nutrition. It’s best to do this in the fall, before winter gets here so your horse can adapt to the colder months as they come. 

Keep Vaccination and Deworming in Check

The fall time is a great chance to check in with your horse’s health. The fall is also a time when your horse needs to be dewormed. So, when you see the vet for deworming, be sure to check the horse’s weight, nutrition and anything that might seem odd. This is also a great time to get updated on vaccines! 

Always Have Water Available 

As the weather gets colder, keep an eye on your horse’s water intake. They are less likely to drink cold water, and water might become less available as everything starts to freeze. You can also support your horse’s nutrition by adding electrolytes to the water. 

Update Your Horse’s Nutrition

Your horses will start burning more fat in the cold, and natural sources of nutrition will start to disappear with the fall and winter. To counteract this, provide more hay, electrolytes, fatty acids and any necessary supplements as needed.