How To Create The Perfect Oasis For Your Backyard Birds

How To Create The Perfect Oasis For Your Backyard Birds

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as birds fluttering around a bird feeder in your snowy backyard. Here are some essentials to get your backyard bird paradise ready before the snow hits. 

The Feeder

Pick out a nice feeder that is durable and will last, but is also safe and comfortable for the birds. We recommend our Woodlink Copper Top Lantern Wild Bird Feeder

The Feed

Feed is key in having a successful backyard bird oasis. Your feed needs to be safe for the birds, delicious and healthy. This one is our favorite – it will definitely keep them coming back for more! 

The Location

Now that you have your feeder and feed, you want to think about location. Keep your feeder high off the ground and away from potential threats of other animals or brush. You want good visibility of the feeder so birds are not hesitant to approach it. 

The Maintenance 

Of course, once you set up your oasis you will want to keep it nice and clean so birds keep coming. Check out our post here on how to properly clean your feeder!