How to Help Animals in Natural Disaster 

How to Help Animals in Natural Disaster 

Photo from ASPCA Website

In recent news, we’ve seen some horrible natural disasters, including earthquakes in Puerto Rico and wildfires in Australia and California. In the aftermath of these events, many people forget about the animals that are struggling to survive these situations. But, whether we see it or not, wildlife is affected just as much as humans are during these events, and they often don’t have the same advantages we do. Here are some things you can do to help. 

Donate & Support

Don’t try to save all the animals in the world by yourself. Your donations and support can go a long way, and there are plenty of organizations to give them to. Here are a few of the best: 


International Fund for Animal Welfare

The Humane Society

World Animal Protection

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

Start In Your Own Backyard

If you have animals in your home or on your land, make sure you have an exit strategy in place. Even if natural disasters aren’t popular in your area, it never hurts to be safe. An escape plan will save your animals from harm in an emergency situation. Not sure where to start? Dr. Karen Becker has a great plan here for animals in fires. 

Continue Helping 

The struggle doesn’t stop when the disaster is over. In many cases, the natural habitats of these creatures are completely destroyed. This means they have no food, shelter or even other members of their species. So, when the disaster is over, make sure you keep trying to help by donating supplies and fostering animals if possible. 

Spread Awareness

We can never have too many people supporting wildlife. Often, people just aren’t aware that they need help. The more we share about our friends, the more help they can get. Start by sharing this article, and follow some of the organizations that are helping!