How To Help Your Anxious Dog

How To Help Your Anxious Dog

Your dog – especially if he is a rescue – might experience anxiety on a regular basis. While this can be difficult to recognize and understand at times, it’s extremely important to treat. Make sure your vet is involved every step of the way as you try out these treatment methods. 


If your dog hasn’t been trained, look into a good trainer that specializes in training anxious dogs. It’s important to use positive training methods instead of methods that discourage and intimidate the animal. 


There are a variety of natural supplements that can help your furry friend, including CBD oil, which is extremely popular. We recommend Dale Edgar’s Calm K9 Wafers, which uses natural ingredients, such as Omega 3, chamomile and ginger to calm the animal. 

A Little TLC

Give your dog lots of exercise and physical contact. This will stimulate the dog and help him feel energetic, happy and loved. 

Try A ZenCrate 

This is the greatest new invention for anxious pets. Its acoustics help to quiet outside sounds, provides reduced, calming lighting and includes vibration damping technology. 

Talk To Your Vet 

Of course, with any medical condition in your pet, you should always consult your veterinarian to make sure you are taking proper precautions that are best for your pet.