How To Make Horse Care Easier 

How To Make Horse Care Easier 

Managing a stable of horses is a lot of work and, depending on how many you have in your stable, it can get confusing and overwhelming. Luckily, Purina Mills is here to help with their new My Purina Horse Barn mobile app. The app helps you get organized and keep track of everything that happens in your stables. Here are a few features. 


Store and share information on your horses, manage your feed, de-worming and farrier schedules and vet records. 


Purina Resource Barn – get answers to feed questions and concerns, explore feed options and learn from Prunia equine PhD nutritionists 

Purina Horse Events – find Purina horse educational events in your area 

Earn Points 

Use points earned from using the app to enter Purina’s Horse Owner Dream Giveaway.