How To Prep For Outside Play This Summer

How To Prep For Outside Play This Summer


Natural Landscaping

If your pets enjoy playing outside or even roaming around in the sunshine, you’ll want to make sure your yard is safe. Things in your yard that pets enjoy nibbling on, like fertilizers, pesticides and mulch can be extremely toxic. Also, compost may contain food items that pets can choke on or that is toxic to them. Make sure you’re using natural, chemical-free treatments for your yard.

Fences + Barriers

A fence around the yard can be helpful to keep your animals from running into the street or far from home. Fences should also be installed around fire pits, pools and ponds. You can also put a barrier around gardens if you tend to get animals in them.

Proper Identification

If your pet does manage to get lost while playing in the yard, it’s important that s/he is wearing proper identification so, if found, s/he can be returned safely.



If your pet likes to play outside often, make sure water is always easily accessible in case s/he gets thirsty. It’s also important to proactively make sure s/he is drinking the water, as some animals might not be able to determine when they need water.


It’s also important to provide a shady place for your pet to relax and find comfort when they get tired or too hot. A simple big tree will suffice.


Keeping toys out in the yard – and making sure your pets are using them – will protect them from playing with potentially harmful objects found in nature. It will also maintain their focus, and ensure safety if playing with other animals.


Play With Your Pet

Spending time with your pet is important, and playing outside with them is a great way to get some face-time with them. Running around with them allows them to exert a lot of energy, and bond with you.

Set Up A Playdate

Find another friendly pet in your area that your BFF can play outside with. Playing together gives pets an opportunity to bond with each other, and experience life with another animal of its own kind.