How To Protect Your Dog in Cold Weather

How To Protect Your Dog in Cold Weather

As winter approaches, it’s extremely important to keep your dogs warm outside, just as you would keep yourself warm. Many people forget that dogs get cold too, even though they have fur coats. And, if they get too cold, their health can be in danger. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to take precautions if the weather is 45° F or colder. Lucky for you, we have plenty of tips and products to keep your pup warm in any weather! 

Things You Need: 

Stop by the store to get all the winter essentials! 


Things To Do:

  • Watch for warning signs (shaking, wining, slowing down)
  • Get a pre-winter check-up at the vet 
  • Stay inside if you can 
  • Check your pup for injury
  • Check your pup for any winter chemicals that he might pick up outside