July 4th Pet Safety

July 4th Pet Safety

We love celebrating the Fourth of July, but our BFFs might have different opinions. Any animals – small or large – may be frightened by fireworks on July 4. This is completely normal and the best thing you can do is try to make your animals’ experience as least stressful as possible. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Leave Your Dog At Home

It’s super cute to get that perfect Insta-worthy photo of your little pup in his adorable July 4th outfit, but just let him stay home this year. He will not enjoy the fireworks and likely is very anxious during the show.

Create A Safe Environment

In your home, make sure your pet is in a safe, familiar environment, and has a place to hide if they get scared.

Soundproof Where You Can

Use blankets and towels to create soundproofing around doors and windows in a house or barn. This (and maybe a little background TV noise) will help subdue the alarming sound of fireworks.

Secure Your Yard

If you have livestock or domestic pets that like to run around outside, you’ll want to make sure your fence is reinforced to prevent the animals from getting scared and running off. If you suspect this to be a problem, take extra precautions by closing up your barn or locking your front door.  

BONUS TIP: Join the fight to regulate fireworks to be less harmful to animals.