New Year’s Resolutions For You and Your Pup

New Year’s Resolutions For You and Your Pup

Happy New Year! We love to set new goals for ourselves every new year, but have you ever set some resolutions for your pup? Here are some super simple resolutions that your dog will love in 2020! 

Make New Friends 

Whether you’re setting up more playdates, taking him to the park or just going for more walks, it’s healthy and fun for your dog to get outside and meet other dogs. 

Improve Social Skills/Manners 

If your pup could use some help in the social department, this is the year to tackle it! And it can be as easy as bringing her to dogventures for a few classes! 

Be Healthier

A dog’s diet should be as healthy as a human’s – maybe even more so! For the new year, let’s focus on what we’re feeding our dogs and make sure it’s something truly healthy. Not sure where to start? Stop by the store and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction. 

Focus on Hygiene 

If your dog is smelly, has bad breath or unruly fur, 2020 might be the year to move hygiene to the forefront of your dog care. A few easy ways to do this include: regular vet visits, regular grooming (at least once a month), chewable dental treats

Learn A New Skill 

Teaching dogs new tricks and skills will keep their minds challenged and healthy. We recommend selecting a few new tricks and working to perfect them throughout the year. Of course, this doesn’t come natural to every dog so be aware of how your little one is handling it and adjust the pace accordingly.