Prepping Your Backyard Chickens For Winter

Prepping Your Backyard Chickens For Winter

Winter is just around the corner, which, for a lot of pet moms and dads, means getting a cute little coat or a cozy blanket. But, for all the chicken keepers out there there’s a bit more to be done. Here are a few tips on what to do and what not to do – just to get you started. 


Add a heat lamp 

Chickens can actually regulate their own temperatures. If you feel that they are really in danger of getting too cold, try adding more bedding. But they do not need heaters. 

Be afraid of the snow 

Chickens can handle a little snow. Don’t be afraid to let them run around in it and really explore! 

Let your eggs freeze 

In the colder months, keep a close eye on those eggs and make sure to collect them quickly so you don’t risk frozen eggs. 


Get the right feed 

There are a lot of ideas and rumors out there about what type of feed your chickens need in the winter. But, really, it’s simple. Change it up a little, but try to stick close to what you’ve been doing. We recommend Purina’s Layena Plus Omega-3 Poultry Feed.

Reinforce the coop

Not only do you need to make sure your chicken coop is protecting the chickens from the cold, you also want to protect from other animals and snow or rain. However, be sure not to completely seal the coop. Some air flow is critical. 

Let the sun in

Providing a little window of sunlight will go a long way for the chickens. This bit of heat will help them to naturally regulate their temperatures and stay warm all winter long.