Quarantine Cats We Love 

During this time at home, most of us are going a little stir-crazy. But, no one is having as hard a time as our cats. Suddenly, their kingdom has been taken over and they cannot get alone time! Here are some of our favorite #quarantinecats who are making us laugh and amazing us. 

This cat who is very curious about what their parent is doing 


This cat who is soooo over this new work from home thing


This cat has some moves 


This cat who is simply losing his mind 


@meaganobrien03We’re all losing it in quarantine ##catsoftiktok ##covid ##quarantine♬ original sound – meggydollarz


This cat who is on his way to becoming a professional DJ


This cat who is just as moody as we are during quarantine


This cat who is trying so hard to get away


This cat who is using this extra free time to catch up on shows 


@athena_and_biscuitQuarantined cat life ##tortie ##catsoftitok♬ original sound – athena_and_biscuit

This cat who is taking advantage of the bulk alcohol purchases


This cat who is attempting to take back his home 


This cat who is becoming a pro during quarantine 


@kellbasaaEven the cat is working from home ##quarantine ##catsoftiktok ##catvideo♬ Lobby Music (Original Soundtrack) – Kahoot!


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