Things To Do With Your Pet At Home

Things To Do With Your Pet At Home

Just because we’re stuck at home for the time being doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and entertain our dogs. This is important for their health, and your sanity! Here are some fun ways to occupy your pup’s attention throughout the day. 

Start Training 

There’s no time like the present! And since we’re all stuck at home together, this is a great time to start training your pets. Make sure you have some treats handy and a few specific goals in mind. 

Use A Kong

There are plenty of toys out there that will keep your dog occupied for a good while without any participation from you. A Kong is probably easiest for you to access (or you already have one) so go ahead and fill it with peanut butter or your little guy’s favorite treats and let him have at it! 

Try DogTV

Even your pup deserves to binge watch his little heart out during this quarantine. DogTV is offering a free 30-day trial while we’re all stuck at home. 

Make Some Delicious, Healthy Treats

Kill time baking and give your furry friends a delicious reward for their great behavior in the house! Check out some super easy – and healthy – treats here

Go Outside 

Yes, we’re doing our best to stay home and practice social distancing, but it is very important that you do take your pets out for some outdoor play and a walk at least once a day. This is important for their health.