News Flash!!!!!!

Our Sunday Lecture Series is about to begin

For our first speaker of lecture’s, allow me to introduce Lori Carscadden.  She is the resident Pet Food Nutrition Specialist at Dr. Harvey’s Healthy Formulations, located in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.  Dr. Harvey’s has been formulating and mixing some of the industries finest organic and specialty pet foods for over 30 years.  Lori is one of the best people to speak with in regards to Kidney health and disease.  After all it’s one of her specialties!

Whether your dog has slightly elevated kidney levels, Chronic Kidney Failure or something in-between, learning how to go easy on their kidneys through whole food nutrition is a priceless resource to have. Lori from the Dr. Harvey’s Team will be with us on Sunday January 26th to discuss custom kidney-friendly recipes.  You can use Dr Harvey’s to establish the correct protein ratios and use optimum protein choices to keeping your pet’s appetite going during those ‘picky’ times, plus much more.

Lori Carscadden, AVA CPDT-KA is a Canine Cuisine Connoisseur, a Canine Behaviorist, and a Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist. She has an increased commitment to battling Canine Kidney Disease after noticing the upswing in dogs receiving this overwhelmingly stressful diagnosis. Come learn some strategies that will help your dog get some pep back in their step…. because looking forward to mealtime is the best feedback

Ruth Pfeffer, a wild bird educator and speaker will be our guest lecturer on Sunday February 9th from 3pm to 5pm.  Space is limited to 50 seats for this event.  Please either call the store @ 973-839-7747 or email Ron at to reserve your seat. 

Ruth is a wild bird enthusiast who is extremely passionate about feeding backyard birds.

Here is her website –