In Store Pet Chiropractor

Little Critters Chiropractic
Dr. Marc L. Sommer, DC CAC

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Please Schedule with Dr. Sommers office for a Tuesday or Thursday appointment
at Mike’s Feed Farm

Guidelines as per Dr. Marc the Pet Chiropractor:

To maintain the safest possible environment for everyone , the following patient treatment protocols, without exception, will be as followed:

* Initially, we will treat outside ,under a tent, on the grassy area adjacent to the billboards
* Please park on the side of the parking lot closest to the treatment tent
* Please wait in or near your car until it is your furry friend’s turn to be treated
* As you know, I have never been a stickler regarding appointment times. I have often said, this is Jersey. There is traffic and weather. However, these are not normal times. It would be greatly appreciated if you arrive on time for your appointment, to avoid congestion in the lot
* People and animals will be at least 6 feet, and preferably more, away from each other
* You and I will be wearing masks and gloves (Please do not forget to bring yours)
* Only one patient and one person will be in the treatment area, at a time
* All patients will be wearing leashes for their safety, as we will be in an open area
* It would be greatly appreciated if treatment fees (unchanged since 2008, New Patient -$95, Follow Up-$45), be paid by check that has been prepared beforehand, made out to Dr. Marc Sommer, or by cash, in the exact amount, placed in a clear, plastic sandwich bag.