6 Things To Know Before Caring For A Horse

6 Things To Know Before Caring For A Horse

Horses can be great for many things. They are beautiful, athletic animals, and can be extremely fulfilling. But, there are a lot of things to consider before taking on the responsibility of caring for a horse. Below, we’ve broken down the most important bits of information you should know before becoming a horse mom or dad.

Maintenance Is Very Real

The maintenance cost of caring for a horse is often more than the initial purchase. Hoofs need to be trimmed every six to eight weeks, and a horse’s weight must be carefully watched, as fluctuating weight can signify a problem.

Horses Need To Work Out Too

This seems like an obvious one, but let your horses play. They should be outside all day, interacting with other horses and feeding in the pasture. Stalls are fine for a limited time frame, but horses do need to be out as much as they can.

Medical Upkeep Is Critical

You’ll want to find an excellent vet to care for your horse. They will need regular vaccinations and deworming. This is a nonnegotiable.

Horses Eat – A Lot

It’s extremely important that horses have enough to eat and drink throughout the day. They typically eat approximately 15-30 lbs. of per day, which includes roughage (grass, hay, etc.) and additional grains or salt licks/mineral blocks. Fresh, clean water should always be accessible to horses in something that cannot be knocked over. Lucky for you, we’ll deliver horse food right to your stable!

Friends Make All The Difference

Just like most animals, horses thrive when they are around others like them. In this case, secluding horses away from other horses can cause severe behavioral problems.

Don’t Disregard The Barn

Yes, horses are animals, but they still need shelter from nature’s harshest conditions. Whether it’s too hot/sunny or too cold/rainy, horses need somewhere to take shelter. This can be as simple as a three-sided barn.

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