Nail Care for Your Pets 101

Nail Care for Your Pets 101

It can be really easy to put off trimming your dog’s nails. It can be difficult to do, and no one wants to be responsible for causing him or her pain by cutting them too short. But, nail care can be easy and definitely needs to be done. Keep reading for some helpful tips to get you started!


When you hear your dog’s nails starting to click on the ground, it might mean they’re due for a trimming! Regular trimmings are critical for your best friend because, not only does it prevent from ingrown nails, but it also prevents the nail from snagging on things like carpets and furniture.


Make sure you’re using the right clippers designed for dogs. Come in to the store or shop online for a great set of trimmers! Set your dog down and make sure s/he is comfortable, at ease and is familiar with the clippers you’re using. Check that the nails are free from any dirt before beginning to clip. When you’re both ready, start very slowly, working one toe at a time. Be sure not to cut the “quick,” which will cause some pain and a lot of bleeding. To ensure this doesn’t happen, only trim a few millimeters at a time, at a slight angle in the direction of the nail.