You Can Compost Series: Getting Started

You Can Compost Series: Getting Started

So, you’re considering composting? Lucky for you, it’s fairly simple and we’re here to get you started and teach you everything you need to know! Compost set-up is relatively quick and can be simple if you have just a few essentials.


Yard Space

You’ll want to designate an area in your yard for the composting to happen. The EPA recommends a 3’ x 3’ x 3’ spot in a dry, shady area in your yard that’s near a water source.

A Compost Bin/Pile

You’ll need to choose between a bin or a pile. A pile is low-maintenance, but is better for non-food waste, whereas a bin can handle more food waste (i.e. keep out animals!).

Brown and Green Materials

You’ll want brown materials to produce carbon in your compost bin, and green materials to produce nitrogen. Some brown materials include paper and cardboard or dry leaves, branches and twigs. Green materials can be things like veggies, fruit peels, coffee grounds and tea bags.


Once you’ve made these decisions and gather your essentials, you can get started! Put all of your starting materials in the pile or bin and just keep adding to it. You’ll notice it will start to warm up as you add your waste. Make sure you regularly turn the pile (preferably with a pitchfork) each time you add to it. When you notice that the bottom layer is dark and completely free of food waste, it’s ready for use!

Check out our next part in these series to learn what materials/waste can be composted, and how to use your compost when it’s ready!