You Can Compost! Series: The Benefits of Composting

You Can Compost! Series: The Benefits of Composting

Congratulations! You’ve set up your compost and you’re starting to see some progress. Now it’s time to start reaping the rewards. There are 3 big reasons you should start composting.

  1. No More Waste!

This is an obvious one. The more you throw into your compost, the less you’re throwing into landfills! We may think that just one banana peel or one more napkin won’t do much, but it all adds up, and landfills are one of the greatest threats to a healthy environment.

  1. A Healthier Yard

The soil you produce in your compost pile is extremely healthy and clean. Add this to your yard, and watch your landscaping or garden flourish! Not only is the compost soil extremely clean, it can rejuvenate any soil already present in your yard, clearing it of chemicals, bad bacteria and most other harmful contaminants.

  1. You’re Actively Saving The Planet

Not only are you reducing the amount of trash sent to landfills, but you’re also – as a consequence – reducing the amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted by landfills. Instead of methane, you’re producing CO2.